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Full title: Acta Silvae et Ligni
Printed version: ISSN 2335-3112
Electronic version: ISSN 2335-3953

Former titles: Izvestja Gozdarskega instituta Slovenije = Reports of the Forest Institute of Slovenia (ISSN 1408-3450), 1947-1949; Zbornik - Inštitut za gozdno in lesno gospodarstvo Slovenije = Proceedings - Institute for forest and wood economy of Slovenia, (ISSN 0350-0187), 1957-1971; Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva = Research reports - forest and wood science & technology (ISSN 0351-3114), 1973-2013 and Acta Silvae et Ligni (ISSN 2335-3112), 2013-

Published by:
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department for Forestry and Renewable Forest ResourcesSlovenian Forestry Institute, Silva Slovenica publishing office
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science and Technology

Co-financed by: The journal is co-financed by Slovenian Research Agency through the  public competitive tender

Frequency: Three issues per year

Address of the Editorial Office:
Acta Silvae et Ligni
Oddelek za gozdarstvo in obnovljive gozdne vire
Biotehniška fakulteta
Večna pot 83, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Publisher reserves all copyrights on the published articles in Acta Silvae et Ligni.

Silva Slovenica and Acta Silvae et Ligni
publishing policy

Past and present of the journal Acta Silvae et Ligni:
Acta Silvae et Ligni is the major scientific journal, dedicated to original or review scientific and professional contributions from the fields of forests, forestry, wood science and technology, forested landscape, nature and the environment, which supports the development of scientific and professional terminology in Slovenian language. The journal started in 1947 as Izvestja. The title "Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva" was introduced in 1973, while prior to that year the title had been changed twice. In 2013, the journal changed its name to the current name – "Acta Silvae et Ligni".

A detailed review on the historic data was published in Božič (2013) and is available in an extended version in Slovenian language (see link: 
Zgodovina revije Acta Silvae et Ligni).

Editorial Office
Editor in Chief:
Prof. Dr. Robert Brus

Editorial Board:
Prof. Dr. Hojka Kraigher, Prof. Dr. Janez Krč, Prof. Dr. Tom Levanič, Prof. Dr. Primož Oven, Prof. Dr. Klemen Jerina, Prof. Dr. Dieter Grill, Prof. Dr. John Kotar, Prof. Dr. Davorin Kajba

Technical support:
Robert Krajnc (technical editor)
Blaž Bogataj (typesetting)
Prof. Dr. Tom Levanič (webpage)
Mag. Maja Peteh (librarian)

Extended Editorial Board:
Is listed in each individual issue.

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